This was something i wasn’t too worried about.  I’ve been fit and healthy my whole life.  Not a big drinker, no drugs or smoking and i eat healthily and do a lot of exercise.  Having the fertility tests was so the clinic could plan our medication protocol around this and i thought ours would be fine, no bother.  Compared to a lot of people going to our clinic, we are young and healthy so the fertility should be fine right?  Wrong!

My partner initially found out that her thyroid was too high for treatment.  There are only a few tests that the person carrying the child needs to have and we’d already fallen at the first hurdle.  The clinic luckily came back and said that there was medication she could take to lower this and that it should all be ok.  After a visit to our very understanding doctor, she now has the required medication (which she has to take for life!) and we are hoping that it does the required job and her thyroid comes down enough.  She has now been researching anything online that can help with a high thyroid and is now partaking in a gluten free diet.

My fertility testing started with a transvaginal scan.  The purpose of this is to count the follicles in each ovary.  I had a long list of things i needed and had been googling what results were good/bad etc.  So i went for my transvaginal scan and was looking at my uterus on the screen trying to see what the ultra sound person was describing.  My first ovary was looking ok and we counted 7 follicles, not too bad.  However, when we came to look at the other side the ultra sound person found a massive cyst covering my entire left ovary so she couldn’t see if it had any follicles.  I asked about the cyst and she said it was large and contained blood, shouldn’t be too much to worry about but i may need it removed for that ovary to work.  I had to go out and tell my partner the good news and the bad news.  I was trying not to get stressed but straight away emailed those results to the clinic in case i needed to rush through some kind of cyst removal in the few weeks we have before flying out for treatment.

It was then off to the many blood tests as all need to be done on day 3 of the period.  Testing FSH, AMH, Oestradiol, Progesterone, LH, Prolactin and thyroid for me too.  Turns out that the cyst i have is stopping that ovary from working properly so my fertility results were way lower than i was expecting them to be.  We were going for IVF initially as 2 girls who needed the help but it actually turned out i’d probably be needing the IVF anyway.  Luckily the test results weren’t so problematic we couldn’t continue with treatment but it has certainly added a lot more stress and uncertainty at what, if anything, will come out of this treatment.

Turns out i have endometritus, which i’d never heard of before we started this process.  I had no symptoms or anything but it appears that the large cyst i have is formed by bits of the lining of my uterus that are growing outside where it should be.  These bleed when you have your period but the blood has no where to go so it clumps together and sticks to your other organs.  Not nice and can be incredibly painful.  Its actually a very common cause of infertility.  The clinic have told me its nothing to worry about at this stage and they wont be removing it.  Hopefully the other ovary is working well enough and i will have a medical protocol planned out for me based on my fertility test results.

My partner has been constantly researching endometritus and my fertility results since to see if there’s anything we can do to help it not get worse and help our chances of me producing enough healthy eggs.  I am now on a gluten and dairy free diet, no red meat, no alcohol and no caffeine.  I am also taking folic acid, a pre pregnancy supplement, vitamin D, Omega 3, Co-Enzyme Q10, Royal Jelly and Milk Thistle as well as asprin to thin the blood.  It’s a lot.  It’s a big change and particularly in the run up to Christmas is going to be tough not being able to have a glass of wine or two at work do’s etc but this is the most important thing.  We don’t have the money to keep attempting this IVF if it doesn’t work so we’re giving it our best shot.  Fingers crossed it pays off.