Hi everyone,

Apologies for the misleading first post, still getting to grips with how this all works!  So for this actual first blog post, i wanted to share a little about us and how we came about on this journey for IVF.

We are not your conventional couple.  This is my first same sex relationship, my partner has dated women her whole life.  I’m sure there will be people reading this thinking well if she’s dated men before then why cant she go have a baby that way, that in itself is not an alternative for us and it will be explained if you read further into this blog.  However, the main reason is because we are both in a loving committed relationship, we see a long future together and we love the other person so much we want to share a new little persons life together that’s hopefully a little piece of both of us.

In the first year and a half of our relationship kids weren’t on the cards.  We were busy getting to know each other as people, working hard and enjoying our downtime together.  We’d both discussed a desire for children in the future but had thought we had plenty of time on our side.  That, as we later found out, was not the case!

I am approaching my 35th birthday in July, and this, as we have found out is a timely deadline.  The plan was at some point i would donate my eggs to my partner and she would carry and be the birth mother of our first child.  However we found out that after 35 you can no longer donate eggs so if we didn’t get a move on then that opportunity would pass us by.

We looked for an IVF clinic that would be able to work with our situation and found what looks to be a great one with excellent success rates and deals with many a unique situation but it means we have to travel abroad for the treatment.  After an initial contact email we were extremely happy with the response and further speedy and informative answers to the extensive questions we had so we paid our deposit and started the IVF process.  Exiting but very nerve wracking at the same time!

And where did we go next after finding a clinic…?  The sperm bank to find us an ‘anonymous’ baby daddy.